Knjiga “10 DAYS… a Heart Opening Journey” na Amazon-u

Knjiga cover

Knjiga cover

Knjigu “10 DAYS… a Heart Opening Journey” možete pronaći na Amazon-u i to već od 8,99 USD.

A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE STORIES: Do you listen to the voice of your heart? Are you aware of your needs? Do you live according to your needs or according to other people’s expectations? How can you get to know yourself, your true self? How can you allow yourself to be who you really are? How can you discover your life purpose? What are the limitations and convictions that block you by obstructing the free flow of energy at all levels? How can you align your thoughts with your emotions? And why is it necessary in the first place? If you want to find out YOUR ANSWERS to these and many more questions, then the book you are holding in your hands is the RIGHT CHOICE for you. Join me on this 10 DAYS … a Heart Opening Journey . Getting to know my life story, you are given the opportunity to look deeper into yourself and, listening to your heart and your soul, take a STEP CLOSER TO YOUR TRUE SELF. The answers are within you; find them and give yourself the right to live the life you deserve. Health, love, inner peace, abundance, joy and freedom – BALANCE. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.





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